Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with a doctor?

Yes, Linda Lawrence, M.D. is our Medical Director and owner.  She is very proud to offer affordable and safe skin rejuvenation procedures and hair removal services to the women and men of Mid-Michigan. 

Do you have a Rewards program?

Yes!  Many of our products offer programs for patients, please check with Sue or Anne at your next appointment to get more information. 

Also, ask about our own Rejuvenation Rewards program at your next appointment.  We will build a customized rewards program just for you.  Based on your type of skin care needs, we will give you a card to track your purchases and have an agreed upon reward once completed! It's so easy!

How do I know which injectable brand is right for me?

In the beginning we only had one brand of muscle relaxer, filler, etc.  Now we have several.  This may make your decision to try an injectable for the first time, or to try a new brand, difficult.  There is something unique about each product from price to skin severity-  that our staff know all about.  We don't use a new product until we have read all the research  and used the product on ourselves or others.  Call us at 230-2636 and we will help you decide which product is right for you. 

How does sun exporsure affect procedures done at the Skin Renewal Clinic?

Limit sun exposure after procedures like microderabrasion, chemical peel, hair removal, and photofacials/IPL.  Your skin will be more prone to burn and can effect your downtime and overall results.  Furthermore, hair removal and photofacials are not as effective on tanned or darker than normal skin tones.  In most cases, these procedures will not be performed until skin color returns to its natural state.    

As a general rule, it is best to wear sunscreen and protect your face with a hat or like.  Not just in the summer, but year round. 

How long has the Skin Renewal Clinic been open?

We opened in April 1999 inside the Sommerset Salon on Miller Road when it was located in the plaza with Pier 1 and Outback.  When the new Summerset Salon moved east into the Best Buy complex, we followed.  We have had other locations over the years but have always stayed with our friends at Summerset Salon Day Spa.